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Genibot — a robot for learning to code offline and online

Genibot is a universal, multifunctional educational robot for learning programming. It opens the door to the world of modern technologies and STEAM education (science, technology, engineering, art, maths). It encourages experimentation and the search for creative solutions.

Working with a robot comes with enormous benefits for the child. While having fun, they develop essential skills such as logical and algorithmic thinking and a task-oriented approach to problem-solving.

GeniBot speaks two languages — Polish and English. This makes things easier for younger children while providing additional opportunities to learn English. The coding cards and instructions are also in Polish and English.

There are many ways to program Genibots, making them suitable for different educational stages. They can be programmed with coding cards and apps, using Scratch 3.0, on a coding mat, with a piece of paper, on the floor... Their use can be adapted to work for individuals, teams or whole groups.

Genibot - unboxing